Thursday, July 14, 2011

Unexpected Guests

Our neighbor Ed called me yesterday and told me to look out my front window, I wasn't sure what I'd see but I never expected 2 peacocks! They were just taking a leisurely stroll through my front yard. I hopped off the right hand side of my porch to take a few pictures when the brightly colored one came straight for me! As I back up I heard Ed yell across the street "Where ya gonna go now?!" I hopped right back up on the porch! They walked down my driveway, nibbled at the curb and then took off down the road and up my parent's driveway.They picked at blueberry bushes, contemplated walking up the front porch steps until they settled on going around to the side of the house. I watched as they sauntered and got a little worked as I saw our cat taking a nap under a near by tree!Thankfully she paid them no mind, after lifting her head, taking a quick look at them she just laid her head back down. Later that evening my mom told me one was up in the top of one of their trees so I grabbed my camera and went over to have a look. I walked around the base of the tree to get a picture of the one still on the ground until it too decided to fly into the tree and land on a branch above my head! I thought it was coming after me and I ran up their front porch steps taking two at a time!

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