Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ten days and counting!

Daniel and I are ten days away from our wedding and we couldn't be more excited! The last few months have been incredibly busy and we've got stress up to our eyeballs! I never imagined how much goes into planning a wedding, not to mention all the other ducks you have to get in a row! Marriage license, rings, name change, insurance, premarital counseling, bridal showers, and so on! I think we have been moving non stop since 2009 arrived, and it seems to quickly be passing us by. It just seemed like the other day we were getting engaged and had almost 200 days to go. But finally the blessed day is within reach! Our family and friends have been so supportive and I know that they are just as ready for this day to get here and be done with! My mom said she's even taking a vacation when this is all over with! I can hardly even recall what has happened over the last few months that i should blog about, but maybe it will come to me one day and I will update you all then! I'm hoping to post some pictures soon of wedding projects I have been working on, not to mention the several pieces of furniture I have painted or am in the process of painting! We are slowly moving Daniel's things into my house, which is quickly beginning to seem much smaller than it did weeks ago...and it wasn't big to begin with! (refer back to my oldest posts where you will find a picture of the house...) We know we won't be here long, and that is a good thing, because the ceiling is barely tall enough that daniel doesn't hit his head on it and the walls are closing in ever so quickly as we carry more and more boxes in. Continue to pray for us as it is now crunch time and we are finishing up all the little details!

Love you all!
Future Mrs. Dobson :)