Thursday, June 26, 2008


Look how big they are getting! Hannah and Eli were 5 weeks old yesterday and I am once again amazed at how quickly time passes! I have had so much fun getting to spend time with them and help Jonathan and Betsy take care of them! It is so exciting to see how little bits of their personalities are coming out. Hannah is so dainty and she loves to cuddle to fall asleep. Eli is all boy and he's beginning to make cooing noises that are so cute!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

You can just call me Ms. Goodwrench.

I've got a job! I got hired by a local bank and I will be working in a branch that is located in a grocery store. Technically I will be a bank teller, but the job has a much fancier name because I will also be dealing with loans, opening accounts, and all that jazz. Training doesn't start until the end of July and thats a long time to wait but it gives me plenty of time to shop for my new "bank appropriate wardrobe." I am very excited and very nervous!

In the mean time I have become a construction worker. It's ok, you can laugh. My dad is a contractor, my brother is a subcontractor, and for the past 2 weeks I have been apart of the family business. I'll be working for dad hopefully until my training starts for the bank. I spent the last week polyurathaning, floor to ceiling, a room and bathroom that the guys added onto an exsisting cabin. I've killed brain cells, left scratches on my arms trying to peel polyurathane off myself, and gotten quite a few weird first glances from guys coming on to the job site for odd jobs, but I have to say, I quite like my job :) Jonathan, my brother, was talking about his son Eli the other day and said to my dad "we always knew we'd have another Booth guy working with us one day." To which dad replied, "Yeah, but none of us ever expected it to be Jessica!" To say the least I think the guys get a kick out of me working there. Parts of this job make me nervous, like when dad says 'before you know it we'll have you up there roofing!', and other times when he hands over one of those big industrial floor sanders and says 'take it away!' and it starts steering me in circles and he gives me a thumbs up and says 'it's a good ab workout!' and I'm thinking, my abs are fine just the way they are, i'll stick with the poly. Since being on this job I've learned how to obviously polyurathane and sand a floor, but I have also put a toilet in, installed a faucet onto a sink, and laid a heating coil under a tile floor. My mom says I'll make someone a wonderful husband someday, but I'm thinking at this rate I'll be showing most of the guys up and any one of them would be too embarassed to marry me.

I like working with dad and Jonathan because we are similar in that we like to work with our hands. Starting with a pile of stuff and being able to complete and have a finished project is thrilling! In my house I am lacking in cabinet and counter space so me and my dad sat down and drew up some plans to build me a cabinet for my "coffee corner". Me and my dad set aside a few days and several scrap pieces of wood and finally completed this little cabinet for my house! Everything is finished except for the glass panels that I need to buy to put in the doors....take a looksie!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Attack of the Hummingbird and a few new treasures!

This morning I was having coffee on my deck and almost got taken out by 2 hummingbirds playing chase near their feeder only a few feet infront of my face! The blurry object to the left of the feeder is one of the little guys that kept buzzing past my head! It would take a while to figure out what was hovering in the air because the cicadas that have taken over our area rival the hummingbirds in size. With this being the year of the cicada they are everywhere and they make a constant noise that sounds alot like a house alarm going off.

I've picked up a few new treasures this past week at a local thrift store and I can't wait to go back and see what new items they get in! I found this vintage clothes hamper and am using it to store blankets in in my living room! I also found these really cute rectangular dishes. I'm not quite sure what they are, my mom said they'd be great plates for a taco night!

I was at a friends house the other day and they had a stray black kitten roaming around so I took it home, named her Ebony, and introduced her to my dog Tink and after a few days they are finally beginning to like each other! She likes to sleep in the bathroom sink and she's always rubbing up against me. She really is quite something else and I really enjoy her company :) and Hopefully she'll help keep any and all critters out of my house!

I found these adorable little dessert plates at T.J. Maxx and just couldn't pass them up! They are made by Boston Warehouse and called Sweet Tooth. There are some cute dessert bowls made by the same company but I've yet to find them :( I'll keep my eyes open though!