Saturday, July 12, 2008

What a Steal!

Before giving an overall update on life I just had to share my latest yardsale experience! I was on my way to my parents house friday morning and I came across a yard sale so of course I had to stop. I'm looking around and then all of the sudden standing infront of me was the desk of my dreams! (ha, you thought I was going to say man didn't you!) I had been on the hunt for a small writing desk and I finally found it! Only problem was it was way out of my price range. Originally priced at $125 it had been marked down to $95 and the man even told me he would sell it to me for $75. I would be crazy not to take it! I called my mom, Mrs. Negotiator, and asked her what the lowest was I could offer him, she said $50. So I threw my offer out there and after much contemplation he agreed and helped me load it into my car (after having realized we were going to have to remove the legs). I'm as happy as a clam the rest of the day and was so excited to take it to my brother's shop to paint it! Gasp! I know! I mentioned painting it to Jonathan and he could not believe his ears! Once we carried it into his shop and started looking around we realized that this was a very nice, very old antique! He thinks it is made of Walnut and as we turned it over to put the legs back on we noticed the hardware had been stamped saying "Pat. Jan 1919"! Holy crap! This beautiful desk is almost 100 years old! Just as a reminder, Jan 1919 is when World War 1 started..... You can all breathe a sigh of relief now, I quickly decided painting the desk was not an option,
so me and Jonathan loaded it back into my car so I could set it up at my house! It is absolutely perfect! It even has an ink well built into the desk!

In other news, I got to experience my first outing with 7 week old twins, and it was just that, quite an expeience. I went with Jonathan, Betsy, Hannah, and Eli into town to run some errands and eat dinner. Eli got to go on his first, but certainly not last, Lowe's trip with his daddy. He seemed quite content surrounded by building supplies and tools. What can I say, like father like son.And dad fullfilled his promise that he would have me roofing before I knew it. He pulled his back out so I helped Jonathan finish putting a roof over mom and dad's deck. In the beginning dad and Jonathan were trying to teach me how to walk on the beams and I quite shaky. It's not really heights that I am afraid of, it's falling that makes me uneasy! But after a long, hot, back aching day, I survived yet another construction job!

This was the view in our valley one night a week or so ago. Breathtaking. You could see the beginning and end of the rainbow, sadly I could not back up far enough to catch it all on screen! Hope you enjoy!