Friday, June 5, 2009

Rambling at its finest!

Daniel and I have been married almost 2 months and time hasn't slowed down one bit. My head is still spinning and I can barely keep up with what day it is, let alone all of the things that have to be done on those certain days, by a certain time that i can't actually seem to keep up with. I just got used to writing May on everything and here we are a week into June! How did this happen?! Since I've been so bad about blogging lately this may be a random one.....

May 21st my neice and nephew celebrated their 1st birthday! They had a "pool" party and a major sugar high the following Saturday!

As far as work goes I have been permanently at the in-store branch closest to our home since May! I'm not driving all over town, never knowing what branch I'm going to be at the next day. This has been a huge blessing! It means I am generally home before 7:30 every night, but sadly we still don't get to sit down and eat dinner before 8:30ish unless it's leftovers :-( It has rained so much lately I hardly even remember what the sun looks or feels like, and I am in desperate need of some refreshing sunshine! All the rain we've had lately makes me long for a mid afternoon nap, usually during my lunch break, but alas if I did that I would probably not wake back up!

I am hoping in one of the upcoming weekends to get all dressed back up in my wedding dress and have my mom take some more pictures of Daniel and I, this time in Cades Cove! We have been wanting to do this since the wedding but haven't had the time. My mom took some beautiful pictures of my sister in law in her wedding dress there several years ago when her and my brother got married and I have been wanting the same done ever since! Hopefully we'll find the time soon!

Besides running around like a chicken with my head cut off I have been able to do a little crafting/refurbishing in my spare time. My mom and dad have had this old cabinet for years. It's always been moved from room to room and served many different purposes and I DESPERATELY needed its help in my little storage-less kitchen/dinning room! It was lugged up to my house one day and I began sanding it down to the bare wood. I sanded, and I sanded, and I sanded some more! Come to find out that's not green paint on the outside but green stain which had soaked into every pore of the wood! It took me forever to begin to see the light of day (or the natural wood) on this puppy! But finally I was able to paint, position, and fill this little cabinet which now is one of my favorite pieces of furniture in our house! I have filled the cabinet with baking necessities and some of my dessert dishes! And the finished results.....

Forgive me for how utterly random this blog has been but it has felt so good to get some of this out! I haven't done much writing lately but I think this little jaunt down memory lane may help! I've got too much information crammed in this little brain of mine so I need to write it down and make room for more!