Friday, June 17, 2011


"I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean." These lyrics ring in my head every time I set foot in the sand. I think sometimes I forget the vastness of our planet. Coming home from our recent trip to the beach I realize how much we take the beauty of creation for granted. Going to the ocean there's anticipation, excitement, joy in the memories the salty air and crashing waves brings us. I believe if you live at the beach you eventually lose the wonderment it brings you, unlike if you only visited it once a year. I pondered all of this as I walked my dog last night, looking up at the mountain to the left of my house. I looked up with appreciation and a smile at the place that I call home. The mountains I take for granted. Some days I wish I lived in the city where I didn't have to go into "town," curvy roads were optional, and a quick trip took less than an hour. I live in a place that others (usually from Florida) come to for vacation in the same way that I got to the beach to get away from the normalcy of life. Why is it that I forget to appreciate these mountains every day?Daisy woke around 6AM this morning and after I brought her to our bed I saw the most amazing sherbert orange glow out our bedroom window. I grabbed my camera and as I ran in my pajamas and barefoot across the wet lawn I prayed my neighbors were still sleeping.

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